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Testing and Measurement

We have been using Labview for 15 years to test the functionality and durability of automotive products. We use sensors as feedback in closed-loop control systems to apply and measure force, displacement, torque, and optics to ensure quality. Sound quality analysis while testing functionality is experience we've gained through the automotive seating industry. In addition Sci-Mech provides solutions for durability, fatigue and load displacement testing.

  Automotive Seat Testing
  • Over 20 years experience in seat systems
  • 2-Way to 14-Way seat testing solutions
  • Sound quality testing and analysis
  • Integrated "On-Line" function testers
  • Cushion and back frame stand alone testers
  • Auto eject systems implemented to lower cycle time
  • Durability and fatigue testing
  • Parameters and variables recorded to database
  • Measurements include vibration, displacement and velocity, motor current and sound quality metrics
  • Spring force measurement of:
    lock lever, towel bar, pumper handle, recliner and fold flat lever, lumbar support
  • Automatic seat testing of lift, tilt, track and recline
  • Potentiometer functional testing for memory seats
  • Hall effect sensor testing
  • Life cycle testing

  • Accelerometers for sensing acceleration
  • String potentiometers for sensing distance
  • Linear Displacement Transducers (LDTs)
  • Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)
    for precision distance measurement
  • Load cells for force measurement and feedback
  • Strain gauges
  • Data acquisition for
    post-processing / data storage
  • Data acquisition for use in
    real-time tester control systems
  • Optical sensing

  Vision Systems
  • Solutions based on inspection
  • Quality control applications
  • DVT, IFM, NI
  • Inexpensive Solutions
  • Fingerprint recognition systems

  • Attitude rigs and structural testing
  • Transmission testers
  • Measurement and recording of various parameters
  • Data analysis programming

  Automotive Switch Testing
  • Fixtures designed for easy loading
    enviromental durability testers
  • Fixtures are designed to take extreme temperatures from -40 to 80C
  • Solutions for:
    • Power seat switches
    • Power window switches
    • Power door lock switches
    • Accessory switches

  • Environmental chamber testing
  • Wench / hoist testing
  • Automotive transmission shifter
  • Durability testing
  • Automotive brake pedal and hand brake testing
  • Automotive hood hinge testing
  • Automotive door hinge testing
  • Caster function testing

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