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Automated Testing Equipment 

Automated Durability Testing in the Lab

Automated lab testing eqipment for brake pedal assembly | Sci-Mech

Automated In-Lab Test Equipment

Our Specialties

Custom Test Equipment

SCI-Mech can design and build custom test equipment to run in-lab durability tests on components to allow data collection for analysis of engineering design reliability.

Enhanced Design Efficiency

We provide custom-built machines for clients seeking to accelerate prototype testing with automated testing equipment to enhance overall design efficiency.

Reduced Time to Market

This equipment can stress components exceeding normal service conditions to provide accelerated testing allowing reductions in time-to-market for a particular design.

Experienced & Capable Team

SCI-Mech’s team of skilled engineers, programmers, electricians and tool makers have the experience and ability to bring your concept from the top floor to the shop floor and into your plant while meeting demanding deadlines and budgets.

Automated In-Lab Durability Testing Equipment Video

This video shows a SCI-Mech universal switch durability tester actuating knobs on an automotive switch module.

The adaptable tester design integrates stepper and servo motor technology to actuate different switch types, such as horizontal rotary motion and vertical linear motion.

The tester design and components are carefully selected to continually operate at environmental extremes of temperature and humidity, allowing for rapid completion of accelerated-life and related durability testing.

The tester constantly monitors the switches for correct operation during actuation, verifies their conformity with user-specified test limits, and saves the test results for each cycle for future reference and test data retention requirements.


Learn More About Our Specialties

Pedal Tester Assembly | Sci Mech

Test Lab Durability Equipment

We design and build durability testing machines for testing labs that can simulate long-term product usage under varying conditions, and collect usage data, in accordance with your testing specifications.


  • High-cycle durability testing

  • Designed to operate in environmental  chambers at temperature and humidity extremes

  • Servo, stepper, hydraulic  and pneumatic drive systems

  • Force application and monitoring

  • Data acquisition, analysis, reporting and storing


What We Can Do For You

Mechanical Engineering Design Services | Sci Mech

Mechanical Design

We offer full mechanical design services utilizing SolidWorks, from standalone test fixtures to full assembly lines. Our mechanical design team leverages decades of experience to create effective, reliable solutions to the most challenging design requirements. Our full machine shop and in-house 3D printing allow us to rapidly develop prototype components to test and evaluate tooling designs.

electrical design | Sci Mech

Electrical Design

We offer complete in-house electrical designs and control panel builds. Design and assembly are all done in-house, ensuring the highest quality standards. Electrical schematics are drawn using AutoCAD Electrical and are compliant with the Canadian or National Electrical Code in formats compliant with NFPA 79 – Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery. We are capable of delivering CE-compliant machinery.

Controls Programming | Sci Mech

Controls Programming

We are experienced in a wide variety of industrial control languages,  PLC programming, HMI development, and SCADA services. We integrate servo drives, vision systems, robots, and other specialized hardware and controllers using both PCs and PLCs (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron). We can pair the flexibility and processing capabilities of PCs running LabVIEW software with the reliability and familiarity of PLCs to provide integrated systems of unique capability. SCI-Mech is a National Instruments Alliance Partner with on-staff certified LabVIEW developers.

test services | Sci Mech

Test Services

We are experienced in implementing an array of test methods using various data acquisition sensors and techniques. Our custom solutions include accelerometers for sound and vibration analysis, vision systems, load cells for force measurement, torque sensors, displacement transducers and more. We can combine test operation, data acquisition, and data analysis into  complete integrated systems addressing your testing requirements. We developed test systems running as parts of assembly lines, standalone function testers and lab-test equipment for component durability.

Industrial Process Improvement | Sci Mech

Process Improvement

With the ever-increasing demand for higher production numbers there exists opportunities for process improvements to save time and effort. SCI-Mech partners with their clients to improve or develop a required assembly process. We can analyze your individual processes and operate as a team with your engineers to apply the correct level of automation providing the best solution for your needs.

Industrial Machines Upgrade and Retrofit | Sci Mech

Machine Retrofit & Upgrade

We offer the automation expertise required to upgrade outdated machines to perform more efficiently. We also provide services for machine retrofits which include tooling re-design, modernization of equipment, controls programming, cycle time improvements, improving efficiency, and engineering optimization including process and material flow — addressing challenges while minimizing capital outlay